Did you know you can save money and energy by following a few basic tips? If you are wondering why save energy when it is so easily available it is time to wake up. Our electricity and the gas that we use for our vehicles come from non renewable resources, meaning once these resources dry up they will be gone forever.

Why should you save energy?

Stated below are few reasons for all of us to start conserving energy before it is too late.

  • You can save money by saving energy
  • The present non renewable energy is obtained by burning fossil fuels; this emits carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. As we all know the excess percentage of CO2 leads to global warming and pollution.

Four tips to save money and energy

We cannot stop using any of the appliances that make life comfortable, but we can at least minimize their use and opt for more energy efficient models.

  1. Change the light bulbs:


According to the US Energy Information Administration on an average, lighting in each household comprises of up to 10% of the total energy use. As a result, to conserve energy change all your highly energy inefficient incandescent bulbs to LED bulbs. These bulbs have a longer life and use almost 70-90% lesser energy.

  1. Get rid of energy inefficient appliances and use Energy Star models


Our appliances that make life easy like refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher etc contribute to around 20% of the household electricity bill. But when you use energy star models you can save 10-20% energy consumption per appliance leading to greater savings in the utility bills.

  1. Insulate the doors and windows

We use enormous amounts of energy to cool down or heat up our homes during summers and winters. When the doors and windows are not sealed properly there is a loss of energy. Hence, ensure that all doors and windows have weather stripping. Seal windows edges and any cracks and openings with rope caulk to make your house more energy efficient.

Alternatively, you can replace your current windows with vinyl windows. Those are known to be weather resistant as well as very energy efficient. For more information visit http://ccwindowsottawa.com. Anything related to windows and doors installations, you can find there.

  1. Cook efficiently

A lot of energy goes waste during cooking due to the improper use of utensils and appliances.  To cut down on energy loss and save electricity bills, use convection oven and microwave oven instead of conventional oven which is energy inefficient. In addition to that, use vessels to match the size of the burner to reduce loss of heat energy. Cover and cook foods to quicken the cooking process.

Thus, we see that by being a little responsible we can save money and energy thereby contributing to the overall climate of the planet.