4 Money Saving Tips To Reduce Your Energy Consumption

Did you know you can save money and energy by following a few basic tips? If you are wondering why save energy when it is so easily available it is time to wake up. Our electricity and the gas that we use for our vehicles come from non renewable resources, meaning once these resources dry up they will be gone forever.

Why should you save energy?

Stated below are few reasons for all of us to start conserving energy before it is too late.

  • You can save money by saving energy
  • The present non renewable energy is obtained by burning fossil fuels; this emits carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. As we all know the excess percentage of CO2 leads to global warming and pollution.

Four tips to save money and energy

We cannot stop using any of the appliances that make life comfortable, but we can at least minimize their use and opt for more energy efficient models.

  1. Change the light bulbs:


According to the US Energy Information Administration on an average, lighting in each household comprises of up to 10% of the total energy use. As a result, to conserve energy change all your highly energy inefficient incandescent bulbs to LED bulbs. These bulbs have a longer life and use almost 70-90% lesser energy.

  1. Get rid of energy inefficient appliances and use Energy Star models


Our appliances that make life easy like refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher etc contribute to around 20% of the household electricity bill. But when you use energy star models you can save 10-20% energy consumption per appliance leading to greater savings in the utility bills.

  1. Insulate the doors and windows

We use enormous amounts of energy to cool down or heat up our homes during summers and winters. When the doors and windows are not sealed properly there is a loss of energy. Hence, ensure that all doors and windows have weather stripping. Seal windows edges and any cracks and openings with rope caulk to make your house more energy efficient.

Alternatively, you can replace your current windows with vinyl windows. Those are known to be weather resistant as well as very energy efficient. For more information visit Anything related to windows and doors installations, you can find there.

  1. Cook efficiently

A lot of energy goes waste during cooking due to the improper use of utensils and appliances.  To cut down on energy loss and save electricity bills, use convection oven and microwave oven instead of conventional oven which is energy inefficient. In addition to that, use vessels to match the size of the burner to reduce loss of heat energy. Cover and cook foods to quicken the cooking process.

Thus, we see that by being a little responsible we can save money and energy thereby contributing to the overall climate of the planet.


A Guide to Windows and Doors Replacement


The windows and doors in your home need replacement from time to time. If it is an old building, it is even more imperative to replace the windows to make these homes more energy efficient. But there are times when a simple glass replacement would suffice, provided the entire frame of the window is in good condition.

Here is your guide on when it is the right time to replace the glass and when it is the right time to replace the windows.

Signs that show it’s time for windows replacement

A few basic observational skills on your part can help prevent problems in the future. Parts of the home that seemingly cannot communicate with you start communicating with you! Look out for the many signs that your windows show. These could very well communicate to you the right time for windows and doors replacement.

  • Damaged or broken windows

Any damaged window should be first replaced rather than repairing it. When the window frame is damaged, warped, or broken, it is sending out signals for a change. When windows fog up unnecessarily, or if they refuse to stay open, it is time to replace the windows with newer and efficient ones.

If you are not sure how to tell, I suggest you contact a professional local company. For example, Canadian Choice does amazing work for windows and doors replacements. Look at some of the stunning work that they have done at They offer free in-home consultations, and they can quickly tell you if you need replacement or repair.

  • Your energy bills are going north


When you notice a constant spike in your energy bills, then it is time to take the cue and replace the old and drafty windows. Drafty windows can cause an increase in the energy bills, by up to 25%.There are many efficient solutions for energy efficient windows. Consider replacing the old drafty windows with energy efficient windows.

  • Worn out appearance of your home

When your windows start to warp and look worn out, it makes your home look even more worn out. Windows are the most prominent feature of a home. And when they start to wear out, they also make the home look very worn out. A windows and doors replacement at this point increases the aesthetic appeal of your home.

  • Climatic changes that have caused havoc on your windows

The harsh weather conditions outside are weathered first by the windows of your home. They cause immense damage. Excessive snowfall, rains etc., make the window frame fragile and not durable. The windows then start to give trouble. It is asign to replace your windows.

Signs that show it’s time to replace the glass

  • Old glass panes in the windows do not have efficient protection against UV rays. Prolonged exposure to UV rays makes the furniture fades fast. Thehardwood floors and the granite countertops too can get battered if they are constantly exposed to the sun’s harmful rays. Getting low e-coatings on the glass of the windows is an effective solution.
  • When your energy bills are not as they are supposed to be and show a remarkable increase in the bill value, it is time to think of replacing the glass. Choosing the right glass material reduces the energy costs and improves a window’s energy performance.

For more resources on home improvements and energy efficiency, check out:


Seven Windows Replacement Features That Manufacturers Should Have

Window replacement is not just about saving money on energy bills. New windows enhance the look of your home and are easier to clean and maintain. The new window if Energy efficient may cost above of $8000. Hence, when buying windows, the motivation shouldn’t only be cost savings. Though it might help to know that Energy rated windows bring in some cost savings for the owner since they are eligible for Federal tax credits in 2016.

The three main concerns which a buyer should worry about are – product quality, installation and customer service. With respect to vinyl windows, we list below features which usually the manufacturer should provide.

The window should effectively keep out air and water. The material of the window does make a difference, and so does the frame which varies with brand. Canadian Choice, which is a Winnipeg windows replacement company is a leader in the manufacturing of energy efficient products. They come highly recommended.

  1. Installation methods vary, and if not properly installed, the window may not function effectively. Hence, speak to the seller to find out if they have specialists who will do the installation or if that is something you will have to handle on your own.
  2. Low-E coated glass – Approximately 75% of the window is glass. The quality of the glass will decide how effectively this part contains heat within the home. LWR or Long Wave Radiation is the heat produced inside the home, and this heat should be maintained at an optimum level so as to minimize the use of heaters. We also need protection from UV rays and shield the home furniture from fading by blocking excess heat. Using a low-E coated glass is the best way to ensure a comfortable home.
  3. Use of Argon and Krypton gas – These two gasses are bad conductors of heat. The space between are filled with these gas so it results in 50% lesser conduction of heat than air would.
  4. Self-cleaning windows – A super-thin coating called Simply Clean is used to keep the glass clean. When the sun’s rays fall on the window, this coating is activated. It breaks down dust and dirt which is washed away when rainwater falls on it. It results in lesser cleaning on your part.
  5. Vinyl snap-on casing – Using this casing has several advantages – it is ten lead-free durable vinyl. There is no maintenance involved. Can be snapped onto windows easily and taken off too. Can be used for different shapes and sizes of windows.
  6. ETI foam – the use of this foam is to reduce air transfer or insulate any cavity thus increasing efficiency. Engineered Thermal insulation is inserted into large air spaces and is superior to expandable foam.
  7. Glass panes – double and triple pane – Since this element of the window is what is visible to most people; it is important to choose something of good quality. For adequate protection, use two pane windows for harsh climates. Triple pane windows provide an extra layer of insulation.

Select the window with care and then call for professional installers to ensure a high quality of work. Choose a company that provides good customer service to be assured of help when needed.


How To Make Your Floor Look Like New?


How can you make your wood floors shine again?

If you live in a home that has wooden floors, or had one already installed, but it is old and dirty, then don’t worry! Don’t let the idea of refurnishing make you think it is an annoying process, because it is not hard at all! There are a lot of ways that you can bring back an old wood floor back to its prime without sanding, resealing and working very hard.

The easiest and quickest thing you can do is to screen your floor. Screening, or buff and coat, is an inexpensive method that can give your old wooden floor its natural primal look and feel again.

This method is a process of sprucing up an already existing coat of polyurethane by top-coating it.  The purpose of this extra layer, on top of your wood floor, is to take all the damage. So, the actual wood does not deteriorate. This is why this extra layer gets thinner and thinner every year and needs to be re-coated. This is normal, this is the purpose of the polyurethane.

The key is to refresh your protective coat every couple of years, before it goes too thin. It is essential to do this before the layer of polyurethane wears off completely.

If your wood floor is damaged, or bent by the constant walking, screening is not the right solution for it. If you have any scratches on it, you should choose paint! It is very cheap, and it is very fast to change up your entire room with it. If you are not experienced in painting, try simple colors first. Black or white would work the best, just use simple colors and don’t blend them. Because you don’t know the exact portions of paint to blend, even though it may look good before you apply it, but when it dries it might look very different then you wanted it to.

If you want the paint to stay on your floor, first you must clean your floor completely of any left over wax or sealant layer. Because paint can not stick to those layers, it would peel off. if you have a hardwood floor, you will have an easy time, because you can literally sand it as many times you wan,t but if you have an engineered one, you can only sand it a couple of times before really damaging the core of the floor, or making it too slim.

What about if your floors are too thin to sand?

If you don’t have money for a new one, you will have to use decoration to hide the ugly parts of your wooden floor. A cost effective way to hide it is to use large rugs, they look good and hide almost the whole parts of your floor. If they look really ugly, and can’t use decoration to hide it, you could always use a floating floor on it. Just simply install engineered floor above it to hide it, as long it is straight. That way you won’t have to change it, and it will be more cheap.