The windows and doors in your home need replacement from time to time. If it is an old building, it is even more imperative to replace the windows to make these homes more energy efficient. But there are times when a simple glass replacement would suffice, provided the entire frame of the window is in good condition.

Here is your guide on when it is the right time to replace the glass and when it is the right time to replace the windows.

Signs that show it’s time for windows replacement

A few basic observational skills on your part can help prevent problems in the future. Parts of the home that seemingly cannot communicate with you start communicating with you! Look out for the many signs that your windows show. These could very well communicate to you the right time for windows and doors replacement.

  • Damaged or broken windows

Any damaged window should be first replaced rather than repairing it. When the window frame is damaged, warped, or broken, it is sending out signals for a change. When windows fog up unnecessarily, or if they refuse to stay open, it is time to replace the windows with newer and efficient ones.

If you are not sure how to tell, I suggest you contact a professional local company. For example, Canadian Choice does amazing work for windows and doors replacements. Look at some of the stunning work that they have done at They offer free in-home consultations, and they can quickly tell you if you need replacement or repair.

  • Your energy bills are going north


When you notice a constant spike in your energy bills, then it is time to take the cue and replace the old and drafty windows. Drafty windows can cause an increase in the energy bills, by up to 25%.There are many efficient solutions for energy efficient windows. Consider replacing the old drafty windows with energy efficient windows.

  • Worn out appearance of your home

When your windows start to warp and look worn out, it makes your home look even more worn out. Windows are the most prominent feature of a home. And when they start to wear out, they also make the home look very worn out. A windows and doors replacement at this point increases the aesthetic appeal of your home.

  • Climatic changes that have caused havoc on your windows

The harsh weather conditions outside are weathered first by the windows of your home. They cause immense damage. Excessive snowfall, rains etc., make the window frame fragile and not durable. The windows then start to give trouble. It is asign to replace your windows.

Signs that show it’s time to replace the glass

  • Old glass panes in the windows do not have efficient protection against UV rays. Prolonged exposure to UV rays makes the furniture fades fast. Thehardwood floors and the granite countertops too can get battered if they are constantly exposed to the sun’s harmful rays. Getting low e-coatings on the glass of the windows is an effective solution.
  • When your energy bills are not as they are supposed to be and show a remarkable increase in the bill value, it is time to think of replacing the glass. Choosing the right glass material reduces the energy costs and improves a window’s energy performance.

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